October Featured Local Author

Our featured author this month is Adam Hayden.   Adam is the Youth Program Director at the Presbyterian Church of Wyoming.  When he is not being silly with kids in Wyoming, he is busy at work with “the Corner”, a local hip-hop storytelling group that raps vs. “tells” stories.   Having just incorporated their “rap stories” into a book with accompanying soundtrack, we are thriled to support him!  Check more out on his website at:  thecorner.us

Favorite Book:  Where the Wild Things Are

Came to Wyoming:  2013

Grand Opening October 2018

It begins….after a year of planning, it’s finally here……the grand opening of a used book store in the Wyoming suburb of Cincinnati!  We are open to the public Thu & Fri 10-5 and Sat 10-3.  Hope you can stop by!  – Shelly