Book Blvd is unique bookstore & co-share workspace concept based on a membership-only subscription model.  Swim club, golf club, why not book club?

You will enjoy year-long benefits of: selling books, free wifi & coffee, as well as use of the space during non-public hours Sun – Wed for your events and/or work.

As a Book Blvd member, you’ll help grow a great, local bookstore,  save on all your favorite selections,  receive exclusive notice of signed local author events/books!  As a co-share space, you can use ANYTIME our “already clean” space vs. hosting or trying to work from home.

Membership benefits include:

Year-round access to thousands of books and videos at only $2 per item!

The ability to sell books back to the store.

Free use of space ANYTIME to host book club, events and/or work in a quiet space.

Become a Book Blvd Member……

Membership are only $35 for individuals, $65 for families & $15 for students PER YEAR so join today!  We also offer dedicated and part-time use memberships for our co-share partners.  Email us at: to start your members TODAY!  Or, complete payment via the link below:

Link to Book Blvd Membership Payment

9 Replies to “MEMBERSHIP”

  1. I am President of the Proprietors AMA Club. My wife and I spend many evenings with our noses in books, but I have a question. As a member, could I have private meetings there, or would everyone in my club need to be a member?

    1. Your club can host meetings at our location – just one of the attendees needs to be a Book Blvd member – stop by anytime during public hours Th-Sa, 10-5 to sign up! – Shelly

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