10% of our proceeds go to Lockland, Reading & Wyoming City Schools.


Book Blvd membership includes access to audiobooks through audio books is a premier online site featuring a curated selection of great books, including best sellers, and works in partnerships with local bookstores like Book Blvd.  You can enjoy listening to your favorite audiobooks on IOS, Android or Kindle. is dedicated to supporting the local bookstore customer.  When you follow the Libro/BookBlvd link, your purchase will support Book Blvd and help us build a more sustainable, community-driven ecosystem!

Wyoming Community Coffee

Bring in your receipt from Wyoming Community Coffee and we will give you 50% off your first book purchase!


Wyoming Public Library

Show us your library card and we will donate 10% of your annual membership to our local library.





We also applaud local organizations interested in supporting future readers:

Junior Woman’s Club of Wyoming

Parent School Association / PSA

Wyoming School Foundation


and we are a proud member of Wyoming Business Association.





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